Delegates will need to think about what they have seen in the videos and who they are negotiating with, the present relationship with that country and their relationships with others. Consideration must also be given to the appropriate behaviour to take into the negotiation to achieve what is needed most effectively.



From time to time a diplomat will visit the whole team, changing the dynamic from the more formal individual negotiations. 


In these instances it is key to think about how this situation might alter the behaviour of an outnumbered negotiator and how the team might alter their behaviour to accommodate or turn the screw.


After a comprehensive plenary session has taken place at the end of Day One, our negotiations expert will have assessed the strengths, weaknesses, and preferred negotiating styles employed by delegates on an individual and collective basis.

A bespoke second day of negotiation training is then formulated to meet the needs of the people taking the course. We look to further enhance strengths and negate weaknesses while also making delegates aware of other styles of negotiation. 

A final report is provided to the company based on performance, understanding of the new information, and where each individual might benefit in future. 

We deliver an overall course designed to improve the people who take it, not a 'one size fits all' experience. We believe people learn best when shown how to improve rather than simply being told.



Two videos will be played at the start of each turn. The first will show what the public of your fictional country know about the current situation you are in. The second will be government only intelligence.


It will be your job to decipher the most accurate appraisal of the situation, which bits of information are most valuable, and how to use that information when negotiating with other countries diplomats.



The team must allocate 1 or 2 of its members to go to a separate space and negotiate for 8 minutes with either a diplomat from another country, played by one of our expert role-players, or a member of the other team.


The negotiation will simultaneously be broadcast back to the rest of the team so that they can assess its success and pick up anything the negotiators may have missed.


At the start of each turn the team will be given a question to answer by their guide. Having gained information from the videos, and worked through the negotiations, it is time to answer the question.


The team will have 10 minutes to work through what they have learned and relate that to their countries overall position and make a decision on what to do next. Each decision they make at the end of each turn will directly affect the outcome of the day and seal the fate of their nation!

We run a unique exercise using our background in the film industry and screenwriting that immerses delegates fully into a geo-political crisis. Delegates are split into 2 teams based on a 5 minute conflict personality test. Each team takes command of a fictional country. This fast-paced and high pressure experience tests their ability to prepare for and execute important negotiations. The exercise takes place over 5  'turns' with delegates trying to improve their situation in comparison to the start of the day.