"At Woodford Heating and Energy, negotiations and securing the best value from our supply chain is part of our day-to-day job, and ensures that we maintain the edge over our competitors.


Also every transaction and discussion can be a negotiation with our client and our project team.

The 2-day Assert negotiation training was the perfect way to sharpen our skills and ensure that everyone in the office who needs to be is confident in their abilities to negotiate when called upon to do so.


Assert have a unique approach which caters for the different skills of individuals. Our employees were put through realistic scenario training with excellent actors on the first day, and the mix of one-on-one coaching and group sessions made the training a very interactive and efficient way to learn that kept the team engaged throughout.


The second day offered more skills training and an insightful opportunity to reflect and review on what had been learnt throughout the programme and with the addition of departmental group sessions, the training was fit-for-purpose based on the needs of individual and the departments. With ongoing reviews and mentoring/coaching taken in addition to that now for our senior team.


All in all it was a great experience and we’d certainly consider using the Assert team again should our resources expand in the future."

Steve Abbott - Operations Director

Woodford Heating & Energy

Total Project Integration

Jane Hewitt - Managing Director