After spending several years building and growing the online marketing campaigns of various businesses, Andrew moved into script-writing and film production in 2009.


Since then he has written feature length screenplays and produced over 150 short films for his own project, amounting to 30 hours of screen time and over 1200 pages of script, with online sales of his independent films approaching 100,000 units and 5 million streams.


The combination of story, video, and filmed interactions alongside the key negotiation teachings make ASSERT something he is very proud to have initiated.


Michael Cook’s experience of negotiating understanding and agreement, across cultures as well as business, spans more than 30 years. During this time he's lived and worked across much of the globe, while closer to home has been involved with a wide range of assignments around the UK and mainland Europe.


He has also worked pro-bono as a facilitator with a US based charity in the peace and reconciliation arena of Northern Ireland. Above all, his passion is for delivering communication and negotiation progress, even in the darkest and most difficult moments of human interaction.